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Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Effective Conference Room audio visual systems include much more than typical AV equipment.  Just as business technology is changing, the way businesses work is also changing.

Effective Conference room AV systems must include specific elements that must be implemented into the original design.  The ProMedia Group will work closely to help you design a  conference room AV system that will be effective, reliable and easy to use.

Specific technology that must be implemented into the design include:

  • High Quality Displays
  • Audio Video Conferencing
  • High Quality Microphones & Speakers
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Connectivity – Wireless vs. Wired

The ProMedia Group will Design an effective and efficient Conference Room that will make collaborative communication simple.  Choosing proper displays, not only size but quality and resolution of the Display is critical.  What form of video conferencing will be used? LifeSize, Zoom or some other Video Conference platform?  The ProMedia Group can help you choose an effective AudioVisual solution to make communicating easy.  An often overlooked area of an effective conference room AV installation is the sound.  Which type of microphone will be selected?  What is the best location? What type of speakers and in what location will they be installed?  The Audio is a very important part of conference room AV design that must be seriously considered.

The ProMedia Group can provide effective Audio Visual solutions that will facilitate effective and clear communication leading to more productive business meetings.

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